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The B&%$! is dead: Larissa "Bootz" says she's ready to change Bootz says she's ready to change

( - Just 48 hours after the Charm School Reunion show aired, Larissa "Bootz" Hodge Aurora says had enough - of herself.

Bootz, who gained international celebrity status when she appeared on VH1's "Flavor of Love2" starring former rap star Flavor Flav, angered many with her appearance on the spin-off show, "Charm School."

But, it was her "performance" on the Charm School Reunion that caused fed up Americans to speak out against the otherwise beautiful star.

Now Bootz says she's ready to change.

In a bulletin sent to Black Press Magazine and other friends of Bootz on MySpace, Larissa says she's "...not a Bitch no more!"

The starlet goes on to say, "I am a new and improved Larissa. I knoticed [sic] that walking about being a bitch to everybody aint bringin me no where so Imma [sic] change and stop bein a B&^%#!," said Bootz.

So what made the hardnosed star change her mind? Ironically, Larissa says seeing herself on TV made her realize that it was time for a change.

"I've been watching Charm School on my own time and I'm always picking on somebody and bein [six]a Bully! This moutha f&^%$#@g B&^%#! has changed into bein a nice little angel lol. Thanx to Mo who talked with me this morning and told me to give it a shot."

But if you think you the "new and impoved" Bootz will be a push over, you'd better think again.

"If someone is trying to betray me or start somethin [sic] I will get back into bein [sic] a B&^%#! & tell you off madd quick. Just like I told off Lielene [sic] at the Club. That's just an example of how it will be. But Imma be a nice and sweet Larissa. I luv yall," she said.

Some may not believe that Bootz can change but many people are pulling for her.

"I really couldn't stand her character on TV," said DC Livers, managing editor for Black Press Magazine who interviewed Bootz on "I was really nervous about interviewing her for fear we'd have an exchange like she and Mo'Nique did on the Charm School Reunion. But she came across as someone who's been hurt alot, had to fight a lot for a lot of things and in the end I was hopeful that she had gotten a bad rap on the show and was committed to changing," said Livers.

"The Charm School Reunion was a gigantic disappointment to me because I really put myself on the line by interviewing the [Charm School] girls, but seeing this posting restores my hope that Bootz will be able to change her life. She's clearly talented so I truly hope that she'll find a way to accept her position as a role model and show the world the Larissa that we never got to see on TV."

Fans reacted strongly for and against Larissa's behavior and offered words of advice to the star during a special podcast interview with recaping the reunion. To hear the fan reactions, visit and search keyword: "Bootz" or "Larissa."

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